The most and least affordable locations in the UK to buy a house

Research from the national estate agent, Keller Williams UK, has revealed where the most and least affordable locations are for first-time buyers in the UK.

London was unsurprisingly the most expensive with the average house costing £430K. The research found that Scotland and the North East had the lowest average house prices at approx £130K.

Would you consider relocating to a new area because of the average house price?

We certainly considered this. It’s the friendship ties that prevented me from doing so.

The compromise we made was if we moved away, we would use some of the savings to purchase a return flight each month a year in advance to make sure we came back to the big smoke to see friends.

Yeah super tricky if London is where you’ve built your whole life :see_no_evil:

Where would your second choice be after London?

Either Scotland or the south coast.

I have family around Bournemouth and I’ve always thought that would be a nice area to live in!

Second most expensive area after London though haha

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I’m sorry but how can you group ‘Scotland’ and ‘Wales’ as entire regions in a comparative “U.K.” wide study? Why don’t we get split into north, south, east and west?

I live in Glasgow, where average house prices can vary by 200k depending on where you live. The same, if not worse, is true of Edinburgh. If you go to the sticks you’ll get different swings again.

5.5m people live in Scotland. To claim that ‘average house price’ for that amount of people across such a massive area is approx £130k is a misleading, lazy, disingenuous statement.

You could say the same for every other region, house prices vary significantly within every region eg central Manchester very different to elsewhere in the north west

Yorkshire - 5.4 million people
North west - 7.3 million
Etc etc

This isn’t true at all, and certainly doesn’t warrant such an aggressive response. I’m sure it was just intended as a lighthearted topic for some discussion, rather than a personal attack on the price of your house in Glasgow.

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You’re right, reading it back maybe my response was a little OTT, apologies.

It’s just incredibly frustrating to see your country marginalised in pretty much every regional poll. Occasionally you need to take exception but appreciate this maybe isn’t the forum for that.

I’m not sure why the researchers didn’t feel the need to split Scotland and Wales further, but I guess we just need to remember that research like this always needs to be taken with a pinch of salt :salt:

Yes house prices will vary massively depending on the city, town, and even street, but this research was looking at average house prices. It’s not saying everyone in Scotland can buy a house for £130K - so it doesn’t really matter how many people are in an area, an average is an average?

Anyway, I was just more interested in knowing whether house prices would influence where you decided to live!

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