Money Dashboard sold to “unnamed buyer”

Did anyone else see this?

All the more reason to pay for Emma and help the business thrive with solid foundations.

FYI looks like the buyer was ClearScore.

Yes, the buyer is ClearScore.

The majority of the team changed their LinkedIn profile positions.

What we need to see next is when they shut it down. :frowning:

But of a sore subject, I was lucky to get my investment back via the convertible bond……some others weren’t so lucky :four_leaf_clover:

Really poor business model and the product was never going to be able to keep people interested, plus the the re-Authenticator element every three months was inevitably it’s downfall

To this date, we get bad reviews for having subscriptions, which is the only way to make it work. :wink:

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True but the MDB app was dull, lifeless and didn’t really tell me anything that my online bank account already tells me.

The Emma app has far more smart features, such as the report that it pulls together to delve deeper into my spending habits, which is really cool :sunglasses:

It’d be good if you could A/B test pricing, but I don’t know what’s possible in the App Store.

Nova for example is cheaper, and one price only, but potentially they make up for the lower price with a higher conversion rate?

£30-£40/year seems ideal. If anyone complains at that then they’re not someone you want to focus on.

What was the business model?

The mobile and desktop app is free to users, but they aggregate user data and try to sell as insight to companies that are interested in the data.

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That’s the point @o99 there wasn’t one