Does Emma work on iOS 13 dev beta 2?

Thinking about installing the dev beta for a play, has anyone installed it and does emma work ok?

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It appears to work fine…

…but we need DARK MODE!!


Works fine for me apart from the bottom Menu bar disappearing time to time. But if you kill the app and reopen it will be fixed.


Hey @nilsej

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Wow, what is this? Can you share a screenshot?

Wow, that looks really ugly. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Ios 13 public beta now available!

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The public beta 1 is the dev beta 2!

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I’ve installed the Public Beta and Emma works, about half of the time. There is no major issues, but the navigation menu at the bottom often disapears and you have to force close the app in order to get it back.

I’ve not seen that problem!

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I’m pretty sure it ocurs when you leave the app running in the background for a while.

No problems spotted so far.

works for me, but is buggy, often the menu at the bottom doesnt appear, Happy to test any beta versions of emma if thats available!

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@liamdaly Exactly the same for me, but a few force-quit and cold relaunch attempts seem to show it again.

Ditto on the testing - I miss the Emma TestFlight builds that stopped 6 months ago!

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iOS 13 Public Beta 2 now available to download, folks!

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