Bug: Scramble mode

Enable scramble mode and select any account. All ok (account is in yen). Now tap the message at the top to disable. Currently opened account does not switch back to correct currency/amount until the account is exited. It should update itself.

Thanks for reporting, any chance you can report this to support in the app? :slight_smile:

We can track it from there.

Yes I can. That said this is a feedback forum. I already suggested to you a proper mechanism for reporting bugs, but that didn’t seem to warrant a response from you.
The disadvantage of speaking to support directly is that if others report the same thing you’re getting duplicate tickets.
For me personally I would like to see a post (read only) or webpage that lists the known bugs and their assigned ticket number. If it is classified as low priority at least acknowledge it exists and then on a release you can link back to the ticket in the change log.
Writing software is not just about the product - it is also about tracking issues and being open with the end-user.

Yes, but we are not a B2B company. :sweat_smile:

Reaching support is the best way, because we have our own internal system and can track everything down. In data related issues, we can also identify the user right away and fix it. :slight_smile:

ps: we also start from the basis that there shouldn’t be bugs in production.