Bitcoin Sync Issues

In your app you have the ability to add your Public Bitcoin address to sync your bitcoin balance with the Emma app.

This is an awesome feature.

However, the only responses so far is you have tried to contact the relevant people and since they have not replied there is nothing you can do.

If this feature does not work why is it listed with in the app?

If the exchange apps were not working, eg, Coinbase, I would understand the need to contact that particular company to get it working.

But when we are talking about our public bitcoin key which is stored on the blockchain (not with any particular company). Bitcoin is a decentralised system, so I still don’t understand why Emma is trying to contact a specific company to get this type of information, they should already have a basic understanding of it themselves in order to implement it, it’s not the responsibility of any particular other company to fix this for you. Unless you have some kind of deal and have outsourced this, in which case, why are you guys accepting of this type of partnership when they have still not replied or helped you with this 5 weeks on.

We use :slight_smile:

Hey man.

Do you have any idea what format the xPub (public bitcoin key) key should be in for it to work?

I get this error code every time

If you message live chat, they should be able to help.

So far all they can say is they are waiting for ‘bitcoin’ to reply, this is like 5-6 weeks ago.

Can you send us your bitcoin address via live chat? We can try to add it from here.