Bitcoin Sync Issues

In your app you have the ability to add your Public Bitcoin address to sync your bitcoin balance with the Emma app.

This is an awesome feature.

However, the only responses so far is you have tried to contact the relevant people and since they have not replied there is nothing you can do.

If this feature does not work why is it listed with in the app?

If the exchange apps were not working, eg, Coinbase, I would understand the need to contact that particular company to get it working.

But when we are talking about our public bitcoin key which is stored on the blockchain (not with any particular company). Bitcoin is a decentralised system, so I still don’t understand why Emma is trying to contact a specific company to get this type of information, they should already have a basic understanding of it themselves in order to implement it, it’s not the responsibility of any particular other company to fix this for you. Unless you have some kind of deal and have outsourced this, in which case, why are you guys accepting of this type of partnership when they have still not replied or helped you with this 5 weeks on.

We use :slight_smile:

Hey man.

Do you have any idea what format the xPub (public bitcoin key) key should be in for it to work?

I get this error code every time

If you message live chat, they should be able to help.

So far all they can say is they are waiting for ‘bitcoin’ to reply, this is like 5-6 weeks ago.

Can you send us your bitcoin address via live chat? We can try to add it from here.

I could do yeah but it is an xpub, it would be a little like giving you a lifetime access to a read only version of my bank balance and all transactions, feels a bit strange handing that over via a live chat.

Im currently having the exact same issue, adding ETH was a breeze, but getting this error 1015 screen as well when trying to add my public BTC address. Please check this out :slight_smile:

On my BTC address displays correctly, so something is not working between their API and Emma.

Can you ping live chat in More? :slight_smile:

We can take it from there.

I contacted your live chat many times about this. They aren’t able to help and your Bitcoin service doesn’t work.

The address I provided to Emma works great in a tool called Coinstats. That’s because the folks in Coinstats understand crypto and Emma support are clueless about it!

I am a paying customer.

Emma seems to support standard public keys, but not extended public keys (xPub).

Support for xPub does need to be added. But in the meantime it would probably be a good idea for Emma to highlight that xPub is not supported (on the page for connecting Bitcoin addresses).

Thanks. That’s the best answer I received in months.
My ledger only shows the xPub address. Is there a way to make this work?
I am a tech professional so I could even write a python script to do it if needed…

I don’t know I’m afraid. I know there’s a difference between standard public keys and xPubs, and I know my address is not an xPub (because I don’t have an HD wallet) and Emma seems to accept it. But that’s where my understanding ends.

@magner could you reach out to us via chat again and let us know that you’ve reached out to the Community under this username?

We’d like to review our communication with you so we can see how we can improve

I don’t think there is any app out there that supports xPub.

I guess we can add a little hint on the connection page.

Also to point out, for many involved in bitcoin they are not traders, their bitcoin investment can remain the same value (same value in bitcoin) for many months, so just a simple way to input how much bitcoin you own that is tracked to bitcoin’s changing value would be enough for many and probably very simple to do as a quick short term fix to give people the ability to easily include their bitcoin investment in their total net worth.

It would look like this -

‘input total amount of bitcoin you own’

then on the backend you would just track this via Coinbase’s valuation of bitcoin or Yahoo Finance’s valuation of bitcoin and then as the value of bitcoin changes it would simply be converted to it’s current value in £ in the Emma App.

If you did this you could also I assume easily add other things onto this, for example, for people who have gold, you could input the amount of gold you are holding and it’s weight maybe and the value tracked based on current valuations.

I am sure i could have said all this more clearly and in a shorter way but I am hope it makes sense what I have just said either way.

Coinstats supports xpub. Create a portfolio and paste your xpub.

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I suspect specialist crypto trackers do generally support it. I use Koinly and it also support Xpub

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I think plenty do. Its necessary nowadays as any wallet with good privacy features (like ledger) generates new recipient addresses after every use.

For example blue wallet supports “watching” all addresses generated from a canonical xpub Watch-only Wallet - Bitcoin wallet for iOS and Android | BlueWallet - Bitcoin Wallet for iOS and Android.

As someone else mentioned, a basic solution would be for offline accounts to support crypto as the currency.