What custom categories do you have?

I’m curious to know what custom categories other Emma Pro users have!

Here are mine:

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Hobbies, London travel (trips to)

And a catch it for the monthly payment to my wife in

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Simple and effective.

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“Bad choices”

That includes

Late night dirty takeaways
Any alcohol on weekdays
Impulse purchases of pointless stuff on amazon
You get the idea…

As you can see, I am trying to emphasize costly luxuries (takeaway, taxi, alcohol, coffee, work lunch) and perceive untaxed incomings and maintenance costs (invoice, tax, house). I also try to register the cost of providing for my wife and daughter (normally this relates to the joint account), however this I just do for fun.

For a moment I went mad and thought these were all subcategories of Business :joy:

I really do love this idea

It’s a quick and dirty way of identifying the things you probably should be avoiding altogether - with an amount in black and white as well, so no hiding!

Love this setup! “Personal Development”. :smiley: :smiley:

It’s not used a tonne currently :sweat_smile:

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One Offs is genius. :wink: