Updates of logos

I’ve sent a few twitter account updates on some transactions as the logos don’t appear like UPS. How long do you guys normally take to update our requests so the company logos come through? Helps a lot on the summary page so they don’t get bundled into general. Also other than twitter accounts as not all merchants have them, such as a url or Facebook would be helpful.
You only give one social media option.

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Hey Jonny,

Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for notifying us we will look into the missing logo’s for you now.

In terms of social media options I will be sure to feedback to the team and see what they can do :wink:.


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Hey Jonny,

Can you please direct message me your email address?


I totally agree! I’ve been thinking about the same (also allowing FB and IG as social options) a while ago.

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The use of company logos, standard category icons, and custom category icons, all in the same place next to each transaction is really visually clunky as there is no consistency of information.

Company and category are two different bits of information. If a company doesn’t have a logo, I can see a category icon for that transaction, which is great, but if it has a logo I can no longer see the category :thinking:.

Also, the custom category icons on Pro are really not very nice. I have added a custom category called “Work Lunch”, and is it is abbreviated in the icon as “WO” :man_shrugging:. Would be better to have a bank of icons (i.e. a few for food, a few for bills, etc) and colors that one can choose from to design one’s own custom icon. Would also make the Pro feature feel of more value.

Hey Lorenz

Welcome to the Emma community

Thank you for your feedback, I will definitely be sure to pass this on to the product team.

If you had a bank of icons for food for example and you wanted two categories, one for work lunch and one for something else like work expenses, would it not be confusing as to which icon was which just based on the image?

Also please feel free to join this thread if you have any more feedback:

Most Wanted Features


Yes, this is something we are going to get done. At first, we didn’t know what categories people would choose (before launching), but now we have a vast amount of data; so we can quickly figure out a set of 10-20 icons.

We’ll also add emoji support.


Jumping on the back of this thread. Submitted a few requests of my own but either they haven’t been reviewed yet (or they’ve been rejected).

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Yeah, we reject a lot of stuff too.

We have a long term solution planned, so that as soon as you submit, this gets updated only for the user locally. In this way, everyone can change logos in realtime, at their own pleasing, and we can live in peace. :stuck_out_tongue:


Will this be for that transaction only or be tied to the all transactions from the same merchant?

We will find something to complain about :laughing:

It will be all of them :slight_smile:

Is this working already?
Mine are updating very quickly

Then you’re lucky. I’ve a few thay has been waiting for weeks and weeks to be approved.

The team are working on updating them at the moment :slight_smile:

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I believe this may have been mentioned before.

Some chains, e.g. walmart, will add a number after the merchant to identify which store it is. So even if a logo is assigned this will not be picked up will it?
Can we have the option of updating the merchant name (to remove the postfix digits) or would this be the responsibility of the issuing bank like starling?

When you say ‘long term solution’, do you mean we have to wait a long time for it or that it will fix all the issues for the forseable future? I’ve had issues where merchants changes weeks after capture, where one merchant can give off different transaction named (Walmart being Walmart 1023 and Walmart 3344. Eweka being Eweka NL, Eweka and so on).

I’d love to see a solution where I can upload logos for both incoming and outgoing transactions, and creating a merchant entity so I can link together the Walmart 3324 and Walmart 8486 that I have renamed to just Walmart. Linking them together would allow me to see the number of transactions at Walmart, as well as the average spend per transaction.

Not to mention, unlink uncorrect transactions. I’d a vault in my Revolut account called ‘NOK Student Loan’. When I took the money out of the vault, Emma picked it up as a transfer from a merchant called ‘Student Loans Company (SLC) and assigned a incorrect logo and name.


Hey @Jonny1623

What merchants or chains are you seeing with numbers?

Hi lilli,

I’m overseas right now and also seeing the numbers on a supermarket chain we use often.

I sent a notification through my app to improve the logo. (twitter logo).

Hi Jonny

Can you please send me a private message with your email address and the name of the chain so I can get the team to look into this for you?



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