Transaction search tag filter and sub-total

Hi, I love the search facility in the Transaction view, it’s neat how you can build up a filter using the different criteria.

However, what would make it great would be two extra tweaks:

  1. When you are selecting a #tag to search for, can the list you are shown to choose the tag(s) be filtered to only those used in the Categor(ies) you have also selected (if any). If you haven’t selected a category, then it’s like it is now - all tags - but if you have selected one or more categories, then only show the tags used in those categories transactions.

Oh, and could the list be in alphabetical order.

  1. Please show a total for all the transactions that have come back in the search. It’s very handy to say show me all my ‘Clothes’ category transactions, ‘This year’, with a tag ‘#Martin’ and see how much had been spent.


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