The Missing Cryptoqueen

Just seen on Twitter that there’s going to be a new episode of The Missing Cryptoqueen!

Has anyone listened to the first 8 episodes? I was OB.sessed with this when it came out last year :joy:

I’m going to be courteous and offer sympathy at the same time, NO :joy:

Yes I listened to it and loved it. He was guest speaker at an event I was at and was talking about the dark web research and book he wrote. Then when I saw this podcast, I gave it a try and was hooked.

Haha don’t knock it till you’ve tried it - it’s really interesting!

Hooked is definitely the right word! I think I got through all 8 in just a few days. His books seem a lot heavier than the podcast was, but I might give one of them a go!

Much heavier.

Please don’t try and trick me into given this ago :crazy_face: it’s time I might never get back :sob:

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