Smile Bank Integration

Hi Edoardo. I’ve just been shown Emma and would to use it, but all my accounts are with smile internet bank. I see you have cooperative, could you get smile too? I tried using my smile log in details with cooperative just in case but it didn’t work :pensive: Thanks so much.

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Hi @Tillypops, thanks for reaching out!

Yes, we don’t support Smile yet. We should be able to get it by the end of the year. :slight_smile:

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Amazing! I will look forward to it. Thanks so much for letting me know. :grinning:

Just saw your post, same here, I use smile bank, cant wait to put it on Emma!

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Hey @wxu

Welcome to the Emma community, make sure to introduce yourself here :wave:

We are adding banks all the time, so definitely keep an eye on this forum!


I am using RateSetter and Smile Bank, will these be added soon?!

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You already support linking to the Cooperative Bank but do not support any connection to their digital bank; Smile Banking. Do you have any plans to add this? Many people such as myself use this as our everyday current account.

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Hi Jenny, we are looking into this, but don’t have any short term plans to share. :slight_smile:


they don’t support Open Banking, so we can’t connect. :frowning:

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Is Fluid likely to be added?

I would also like Smile to be added, the co-op bank doesn’t cover it

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Any update on Smile? I’m keen to use but they are my main bank.

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Also interested in update - I’d heard a rumour that the co-op are switching to proper open banking?

Where are the rumors? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I can’t remember, it was mentioned as an aside on another forum I was on that they were maybe planning on switching to true open banking…

I’m sure that if you’ve not heard then it is just a rumour sadly :disappointed:

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I’m pretty sure they have supported it for a while. I saw it referenced here before, but the posts appear to have been moved or removed.

I think at the moment it’s only a very basic form where user login details are required and then the data is scraped.

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Hey Ella, Fluid is launching tomorrow! :tada:

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The rumours were true, it seems!

Co-operative Bank (and Smile) has launched an app update which adds Open Banking support. It’s currently being discussed in the Co-op Bank thread.

Smile also confirm it with a note added here:

They also have a new webpage explaining the changes:

Great! We’ll integrate this one too.