Rolling budget auto enable

Hi team,
When rolling budgets were made available, I wanted to try out the feature and enabled this in the budgets section.
It wasn’t for me so disabled this again after a short while.
I keep noticing that this has been auto enabled a few times (i.e. though I had disabled it, the feature had been enabled again).
This messes up my overall budget and the budgets for each category, so have to change everything back again which I had to do probably three times since rolling budgets were made available, and I have def. not accidentally re-enabled the feature.
Is there a way to stop this?
Could this happen each time the app is updated (think I have auto update enabled in Play store) and it thus goes back to having the feature re-enabled?
Grateful for your help :+1:t2:

Can you ping live chat? We can check this on the account.

Not really, the setting should be saved if it looks disabled.

Thanks @edoardomoreni … will message live chat about this :blush::+1:t2: