Removing Unnecessary Account Tabs

In the “Accounts” section, whenever I go on it to check balance, there’s always the investments and loans section, neither of which I have an account for. It’s pointless to have the empty tabs there if they haven’t got any use and it’s just annoying to see sometimes. I think it would be better to be able to select which tabs you see in settings or if, for example, you have an everyday and savings account linked, it’s only them that show up in the account section. If you’re worried about people not connecting their other accounts, there could be an occasional pop-up prompting you to add another account with a “Do not show again” option.

Thanks for the feedback!

I was thinking about this and wondering what problem they cause since they are at the bottom of the list? I can see an issue when you have 1 checking and 1 loan, cause you would have savings and investments both empty. :slight_smile: