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Since we’re a forum of users who advocate saving, I thought it might be good to create a thread where we could share referral links to useful services.

Post your codes, links, etc. below using the created Wiki!


Monthly Phone Bill Discount with referral code: AW3XTYGQ @grant.macgregor (June 2019)
Monthly Phone Bill Discount with referral code: BCRUUTG3 @Recchan (August 2019)

American Express

£10 cashback when you are approved for the Platinum Cashback Credit Card and spend first £1 @Gaoler September 2019


Free £50 Referral @vekariya17 (May 2019)

Free £50 for me and £50 for you @Gaoler (September 2019)


@BendikHa (July 2019)
Sign hup for and we both get 10 USD
EXTRA: Get 10 USD worth of XLM by watching five two minutes videos about the cryptocurrency.

$10 each of free Bitcoin when you sign up with my invite link and buy or sell at least $100 of digital currency @Gaoler (September 2019)

Earn $50 worth of XLM @Gaoler (September 2019)

Earn $50 worth of EOS @Gaoler (September 2019)

£8 Sign-Up Bonus @grant.macgregor (September 2019)


£5 Reward Points with referral code: TCPVD @Alex (June 2019)
£5 Reward Points with referral code: 7ZVW0 @BendikHa (July 2019)
£5 Reward Points with referral code: G5NUE @Recchan (August 2019)
£5 Reward Points with referral code: W5RNA @Gaoler (September 2019)

$50 sign-up bonus in MCO crypto @Recchan (August 2019)


£10 off across your first 4 orders @Recchan (August 2019)


Referral Link @jamie.balfour (June 2019)
Referral Link @grant.macgregor (July 2019)
Referral Link @BendikHa (July 2019)
Referral Link @Recchan (August 2019)

Function of Beauty

You get 5 GBP/USD of your first order, I get 5 USD @BendikHa (July 2019)


Unspecified Free Reward + Discounts on Food Items with referral code: 9UB1L8H2 @Recchan (August 2019)


You get 20% of your first order, I get 20 USD @BendikHa (July 2019)


Get a £15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card @Gaoler September 2019

Get a £15 welcome gift when you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. Just use ANDR2156 @asy1mpo September 2019


£5 for you, £5 for me! @grant.macgregor (June 2019)
NOTE - September 2019: Monzo has cancelled its referral bonuses


£10 for me when you spend £10 on your card for first time @Gaoler September 2019


Free £50 Pension Contribution @Logan09 (May 2019)


£1 Signup Boost @grant.macgregor (June 2019)


Free £10 after first £5 cashback @Gaoler (September 2019)


Free Debit Card @grant.macgregor (Aug 2019)

Free card for new sign-ups @Recchan (August 2019)

Free standard card for new signups @Gaoler (September 2019)


Free £10 Amazon Voucher @grant.macgregor (June 2019)


Free first foreign transfer @Recchan (August 2019)


$2 off your first 3 rides


Earn £150 Bonus @grant.macgregor (July 2019)


I think it gives you a free share in the company* @Recchan (August 2019) * It implies it but I don’t recall the owner of the company mentioning that it’d give the person signing up the share


Get/Give £50 when you refer a friend to Bulb:

Ive never had any issues with them personally, and have been cheaper then my previous provider British Gas.

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£50 added to your pension and mine, when you transfer a pension to Pension Bee. It’s a great way to combine multiple pensions in an easy to access place.

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I’ll throw in my referral link for Curve. If you use it, we both get £5 of reward points. They’ve also sent something saying that for the next month we also go into a draw to win an iPhone. Edit: you may need to manually type in the code TCPVD

I use Curve for overseas transactions mainly. With that, a legacy bank account and Emma for the analytics, I get something superior to the digital banks IMHO.

(Another edit - reward points can be used for any transaction using the card. I use mine to top up my Amazon account. A great way to use every last point!)


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Please someone use my Chip code, I’m begging you :pray:t5::joy:
My referral code is: 2YHS3S

Monzo is an app-based bank that allows members to receive purchase notifications instantly, no fees for spending abroad, the ability to set and track personal budgets, and you can pay someone in seconds (even if they don’t have Monzo).

Interested? Sign up using my referral link and we’ll both receive £5 free: Click Here to Monzo

Let me know how you get on! :+1:t2:

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Tandem is an an app-based MasterCard credit card with no foreign spend charges and 0.5% cashback on all expenditure. The app also provides live updates on all transactions, as well as the ability to integrate balances of other bank accounts.

Interested? Sign up using the following referral link and we’ll both receive a free £10 Amazon voucher: Click Here to Tandem

Let me know your thoughts! :+1:t2:

Opening post updated to become Wiki (for manual updating)!


Sounds good to me!

With Chip ending extra interest by referrals in a few days, if you’re Considering using AI to help you save, feel free to use my code (quickly) to earn us both 1% extra: MT90V9

1 Like is a subscription service that delivers custom made shampoos and conditioners especially made for your hair. During sign up you give them some basic information about you hair along with goals you’d like to work on. I’ve chosen to replenish, strengthen, fix split ends, lengthen and straighten my hair.

On average though, if you’re washing daily, an 8 oz. (236 mL) set should last up to 60 days and a 16 oz. (473 mL) set up to 120 days. After signing up, you can change how often you want a shipment.

If you sign up through my referral link; You get 5 GBP/USD of your first order and I get 5 USD as at no extra cost to you.

My referral link

MeUndies is a subscription (or a standalone store) that allows you to subscribe to a monthly shipment of underwear. Not only are they comfortable, but if you’re feeling bold, you can pick theme such as spaceships, pinaples or ice cream. If you’re not satisfied with your first pair, they will give you a full refund.

If you sign up through my link, you get 20% of your first order and I will get 20 USD of my next order.

My referral link

Already a user? Coinbase offers 10 USD in XLM if you watch their five videos about what XLM is and how it works. Afterwarsd you can choose to keep the money or exchange it to a fiat currency.

If you choose to register through my referral link, we both get 10 USD worth of XLM. Not already on Coinbase? Sign up through my referral link and we both get 10 USD.

I bet everyone is rushing into this. ahah

I can hit people up with bank referrals if they want for: Nationwide(£100 for both of us)/TSB(£75 for both of us)

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Emma: I am using @emma_finance! All my accounts in one place + the best way to save & manage money.

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eheeh what a great link. :wink:

Coming thick and fast!

Sign up with my link and get a free Revolut card for awesome exchange rates abroad.!G10D21

Monese card - get a £15 welcome gift.

When you open a Monese account and do the first transaction with the Monese Card. Just use ANDR2156. Download the Monese app here:

Create a Coinbase account and we’ll both receive an £8 sign up bonus! What’s not to love?

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