Quiz for Twitter users only?

Is it now fair to say the competition excludes those who don’t use Twitter or whom do not wish to tweet @ Emma?

I completed the quiz but saw this on the last screen. My understanding is previously (it’s been a few months since I won a quiz) nothing more was needed, I just had to wait to see if my name was picked. I’d prefer things to revert in that way personally as I do not have social media including Twitter.


I still play along because I just like to see how far I get.
There was(is) a post on the quiz in the forum: lack transparency and of T&Cs, no communication from Emma staff were mentioned.
And then, all quietly, the quiz was changed to now offer a prize for Twitter users only…:sob::woman_facepalming:t3:

Link to existing quiz chat:

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Yeah I missed any comms about this change which is really annoying.

@edoardomoreni is there a reason the quiz prize is now only for those willing to Tweet Emma? For now I’ve switched off the quiz option in the app settings.

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I gave up on the quiz a while ago. I had some issue with it hanging, then registering my previous tap on the next question, which was the final straw.

It seems a little contradictory to me that Emma (rightly) isn’t mining user transaction data, but is so keen on twitter

Hey everyone :wave:

We had a lot of people requesting that we share the winners of the quiz on social media.

There were then issues with what info we shared about the winners and who was happy for us to share it.

Because of that we have been trialling Twitter as a new way to pick the winners. You play the quiz, you take a screenshot, and then you share the screenshot on Twitter. This way we know that you’re happy for us to publicly announce if you’ve won.

From a commercial perspective this is also another way we can get people talking about Emma each week, so there’s kind of a mutual benefit there.

Most people have Twitter, or are happy to create an account to be in with the chance of winning, but I appreciate this does leave some people out.

This is just something we’ve been trialling, but as always we’re open to discussion around these things!

Perhaps like setting your username for P2P payments, we could set out quiz name. If that’s announced, great, it’s what the user selected.

I want to see a leaderboard or announced winners but seeing QuizzicalJase is fine, just not my full name.

It’s such a shame only Twitter users can take part now. Hopefully Emma will reconsider :slight_smile:

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