[New feature] Rent Reporting to Credit Agencies

Hey guys,

I might have mentioned this before but we are working on a new feature that will be able to report your rent payments to Experian, Equifax, and other Credit Agencies.

This is an exciting new feature that works on top of Open Banking, so the only thing you would need to do is select your rent payment and let us report it every month.

You might find more info on Experian (Tenant Information | The Rental Exchange | Experian Business) and Equifax (Can Renting Improve Your Credit Score? | Equifax UK) websites.

I was wondering if you had ever tried something like this?


Never but am curious if you can report quarterly rent in the same way i pay my rent every 3 months currently not sure how this would impact me

Yes, this would work.

The only limitation is around the actual person that pays. This is the only one that can report.

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That is great is there a preview as to how we can see this in EMMA yet.

We should be able to put something here in the next few days.

From a user perspective, once this is setup (the tracking), there is nothing else to do.

Great looking forward to it