My first reward - Farewill

I thought I’d mention a few things about my first experience using one of the rewards…

I chose Farewill as my first reward, to get my better half something to start with. I had done mine a few years back and it wasn’t really time to update, and a bit too soon to get a joint will, so this was the best start.

The process was amazing in terms of Farewill, and I would recommend them for the good price and the ease of making the will. If you want something a little more comprehensive, it’s probably best to do on a computer (more below). Also, if you hold assets of any kind overseas, then you can’t use Farewill unless you exclude those assets. My other half is Czech :czech_republic: but thankfully doesn’t have much by way of assets there.

The problem I came across was doing this all on the device. I haven’t upgraded so admittedly my iPhone 6 wasn’t as big as it could be. I’m sure I could use a browser and enter the referral code there, but the flow made it feel like it had to be done by the in-app browser. Clicking to proceed too you straight to Farewill using said in-app browser.

I had concerns when checking some address details were valid, that authenticating into Emma again would lose the Farewill process, but thankfully it wasn’t the case :slight_smile:

It would be great if by using the in-app browser, partners can pass back to Emma using an API to say “this transaction was complete.” I’m not expected the money to be moved instantly, but it would give you the badge for your profile, and show you your ‘pending’ balance for Emma Rewards.

I’m super excited to see more reward partners! I may try Vital DNA next or give the beers a go. Has anyone tried either of these?