(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

I recently contacted Jaja to ask about their API plans. They said at the moment they don’t provide an API but plan to later this year.

Unclear to me how they are able to get away with not providing an API or some other open banking connection method. I thought it was a requirement for all payment account providers to have had something in place by 14 March :man_shrugging:


No idea.

For Jaja & Dozens, my opinion is like Tandem.

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I hope not @edoardomoreni - I think there’s space in the market for these players, but time will tell. :worried:

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Tickr get my vote, can they be on the poll?


I didn’t saw Moneybox integrated anywhere, but Wealthify is quite pupular. Yolt has it, Starling has it, why not Emma?

We have less than 150 users on Wealthify. :cry:

Same as Tandem - they don’t have volume or an API. :sweat_smile:

I’ve just tried to amend the poll - it doesn’t let me change it after it’s been posted :cry:

I still have a number of accounts with them but since all of their monthly charges, I think I’ll just close these down.

Upvote for Clydesdale Bank from me. Would be great to see them soon.
Love the app!

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Any chance of adding Saga savings? https://www.sagasavings.co.uk/uk/en/login

I’d like to request Mode too…

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Why is Ratesetter not on the list?

Please add the ability to connect the Voyager investment/crypto app if possible

Please add the ability to connect cash app if possible

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@Jrbishop welcome to the Emma community!

How do you find Voyager?

I see Interactive Investor now up to 10th in the list @ 10% of the vote. Any ETA @edoardomoreni ?

Voyager bought out the old Circle crypto investment app from my understanding.

Ah then I will already be a customer. I’ll take a look, but I use Coinbase mostly.

We need the Celsius.Network on this app as well - helps users invest their crypto earnings and enjoy interest on them, like a bank :slight_smile:

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