(Most-Wanted 🇬🇧) integrations



Yeah, those are doable.

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John Lewis Partnership Credit Card

Marcus would be good but I know Goldman Sachs play their cards close to their chest, and especially now with them backing the Apple Card they may not want to share anything.

Few challenger savings banks would be good
Ford Money
Charter Savings Bank
Paragon Bank


What is this? :roll_eyes:

Would be great to see my Experian credit score integrated into Emma!


They’re all classed as challenger banks but they’re all savings accounts only, not current accounts and online only, no physical branches.


If you ever look at the best buy tables a few of them are normally there for ISAs and Fixed Rate products

That’s the master post updated with latest suggestions.

Could I ask any Emma staff to update the status of each back (where necessary) - thanks!

You can edit my post. :wink:

Yeah, but I don’t know the exact background/progress with each bank. I’ll try and stay on top of it, but you guys are obviously ‘in the loop’.

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+1 for Sainsbury’s bank.

Also, although I don’t currently have accounts with them perhaps Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank should be considered for addition to the list. They have near market leading 0% credit cards (in terms of length of 0% period) which I may consider when the 0% period on my current 0% card comes to an end.

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Just to clarify.

Does Emma need to go through Saltedge/TrueLayer to gather data, or can you scrape data manually from banks?

If it’s the former, then you’ve pretty much hit your maximum integrations (unless the situation changes with each bank?).

We can do whatever we want.

We use them to be faster and don’t have any short term plans to build our own scrapers. :slight_smile:

So, for example, you could integrate any from the request list in the opening post right now?

If we go there, build the right infrastructure to hold credentials (which we don’t know) and then start implementing scrapers, yes; but we are more than happy to outsource this bit to providers whose only job is doing this. :slight_smile:

If there is demand for things, we can even pay the providers to build the missing ones.


Would it be worth tracking the ‘most wanted’ integration and having some form of poll every month?

The integration with the highest votes is then put out to an external party to complete.

This means that you keep users happy with regular integrations, and will not spend copious amounts on integrations that would hardly be used.

If you think that’s a plan, then I could tweak the opening post to get the ball rolling for April’s vote?

I think the discussion is enough. We already know all the numbers regarding the integrations. :wink:

Nationwide mortgage account.

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I think loans/mortgages should be core in Emma, probably even more than Investments; so I really hope we can include them soon.

Marks and Spencer current and savings