(Most-Wanted πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§) integrations

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Thanks for your feedback I will definitely pass this on to the team.

Is the RBS Select just a discount rewards card, or is it linked to a bank?

Halifax Share dealing?


Thanks for sharing @Phil!

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I use Marbles credit card by NewDay Ltd & Plum for savings & investments - would be great to see these added!

Either of these a focus by any chance? :grin::crossed_fingers:t3:


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We have been trying to get this API for a while. :sweat_smile:

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John Lewis


How are you finding it?

Not bad only had account in last two weeks. Like the dashboard look and feel better than Monzo. Also like the IFTTT which is an interesting concept and adds a bit of fun.


Dozens would be an interesting one - just make sure you get an API that includes the shareholder’s second card in some way

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Yes, I am not sure they have an API. :slight_smile:

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Not a UK integration as such but it would be nice if Emma could integrate with open banking providers directly instead of using this bollocks provider laying in-between.

You know for nationwide in Yolt it literally flashes you to the app quickly, and lets you use your card reader - as Nationwide are correcting you to their open banking stuff directly.

No one remembers their Nationwide memorable data, and at one point said memorable data didn’t even work! Would be a lot better if there was direct integration.


From September this is what we are going to be doing. At the moment we are going to be offering testing for open banking so if this is something you would like to test let me know and we can switch you later this week.

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I don’t have any opinion on the SLC thing as I don’t have one any more, but I’d prefer not to move the credit cards to a separate tab - one of the best things about Emma is that it totals all my day-to-day spending (whether that’s on debit or credit card) under one tab. Maybe a β€œlong-term debts” tab would be more accurate for SLC loans, with credit cards as short-term debts staying on the β€œeveryday” tab. That would also leave the door open to adding other long-term debts, such as mortgages or car loans.

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Yes I agree, I don’t think I would want to see my Student Loan every day haha, Id feel like I was permanently in debt!