[MoneyDashboard Users] Is there an ability to see future predictions?

I am coming from Money Dashboard which is sadly closing at the end of the month.

The biggest feature for me was the ability to see where you will be financially in the future based on upcoming transactions. Does Emma doe this?

I am not interested that much in what happened in the past, I really want to see what my finances will be like in a few months from now.

Hey @edgeofsanity76, thanks for reaching out!

I think you can try to use true balance to see the predicted available balance at the end of your budgeting period. :slight_smile:

Sorry, im new to the app, how do I do this?

In Money Dashboard it just plotted a graph over a specified period so you could see where you’d be in say 6 months time

You can find True Balance in Feed->Everyday->Tap on any account (see Helpdesk). This will show the available balance minus all your predicted spend for the budgeting period.

You can also use our budgeting functionality which works as such:

left to spend = total budget for the period minus spending minus committed spending

In your Feed, the Everyday value is total of available balances minus any credit card spending. This other figure is useful to understand how much you have available today. :slight_smile:

Thank you. How do I set my pay day as it is wrong? Currently says 31st when it should be 23rd.

Feed → Budgeting → edit icon top right

I was also disappointed when Money Dashboard closed.

However, I have found Emma does have some additional features:-

(i) in your budget it predicts committed spending based on previous months payments

(ii) it does enable you to put aside money in pots for annual spending - holidays, car tax, insurance etc. upon which you can earn interest

Saying that there is an annual fee. On the whole I’m happy with Emma.

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Great, thanks for the feedback!

Hello Emma Community,

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m a newcomer to Emma, and I recently joined this community as I’m transitioning from another budgeting app, Money Dashboard, which is unfortunately closing down. One of the features I particularly loved about Money Dashboard was the “Account Balance - Upcoming Bills - Leftover” functionality, and I wanted to know if Emma provides a similar feature.

For those unfamiliar with this feature, I’ve attached a screenshot from Money Dashboard to illustrate what I mean.

In Money Dashboard, this feature allowed me to see my combined financial situation, which is a real lifesaver when managing multiple bank accounts. It shows:

  1. Account Balance: The current balance in each of my bank accounts.
  2. Upcoming Bills: A list of upcoming bills and their due dates.
  3. Leftover: A simple calculation that subtracts the total of upcoming bills from the account balance, giving a clear picture of how much money I have available after accounting for upcoming expenses.

Now, I’ve noticed that in Emma, you can check the “True Balance” for individual accounts by clicking on the bank account, but this doesn’t provide a consolidated view across all accounts. I’d like to understand if there’s a way to achieve the same effect in Emma when managing multiple accounts.

If anyone has experience with this or knows a workaround within Emma to replicate the “Account Balance - Upcoming Bills - Leftover” functionality, please share your insights. I’m eager to make the most of Emma’s features, and this particular feature would be a significant factor in my decision to fully transition from Money Dashboard.

Your input is highly appreciated, and it would be a great help in making my transition smoother.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards

Hey there!

We were sad to hear about Money Dashboard closing but welcome to the Emma Community!
That feature in Money Dashboard was definitely well loved by users and we do have the same capabilities in the app!

  1. Account Balance: You can see your account balance from each of your accounts right on the top of the home under the everyday heading. Everyday shows the total of all connected accounts cumulatively on the homepage and you can see for each specific account when you click into everyday. You can even trck your net worth by adding any assets or liabilities you may have to have a broader picture of your financials
  2. Upcoming Bills: You can track your upcoming bills under recurring spend. Recurring spend is able to detect your recurring bills, payments and subscriptions as well as their due date and track any price changes
  3. Leftover: True balance is one way you can see the account balance minus upcoming charges. You can find True Balance in Feed ->Everyday ->Tap on any account. This shows the available balance minus all your predicted spend for the budgeting period.Alternatively you can also use the budgeting function to do so by looking at what is left to spend which is the total budget for the period minus spending minus committed spending.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the warm welcome to the Emma Community and for providing such a detailed response. It’s reassuring to know that Emma offers functionalities similar to what I enjoyed in Money Dashboard. However, I’m still trying to get a clearer understanding of how Emma’s features can replicate the specific “Account Balance - Upcoming Bills - Leftover” functionality that I used to rely on.

Allow me to elaborate:

  1. Account Balance: In Emma, I see the account balance displayed at the top of the home page under the “Everyday” heading, which is great for getting the account balances as they stand, but not what they would be after paying all my upcoming bills.

  2. Upcoming Bills: The ability to track upcoming bills in Emma is fantastic, and I’ve already started using the recurring spend feature to identify them. What I’m still trying to clarify is if Emma can provide a way to determine if I have enough funds across all my accounts to cover these upcoming bills, just as Money Dashboard did. [Insert Attachment if available]

  3. Leftover: I understand that True Balance is available in Emma, but as you mentioned, it seems to work on an account-by-account basis. In contrast, the “Leftover” feature in Money Dashboard gave me a figure by subtracting the total of upcoming bills of all accounts from the combined balance of all accounts. This is the specific functionality I’m keen to replicate.

Lastly, while Emma has budgeting functions, they seem to require setting specific budgets or target amounts. In my case, I’m looking for a straightforward calculation that considers the total balance across all accounts as the budget and deducts upcoming expenses to show the uncommitted, available funds. Is there a way to achieve this within Emma?

I appreciate your help and your patience in clarifying these points for me. It will greatly assist me in understanding how to fully leverage Emma’s capabilities for my financial management.

Thank you once again!

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Hi there,

I’ve also recently come across from Money Dashboard, and have been struggling with the same gap in functionality, For me, I love that the “leftover” total took into account total in all accounts, minus recurring payments across all accounts minus what remained unspent in budgets to show if you’d be in the red at the end of the month.

From the community and my own playing around, I’m pretty certain Emma doesn’t provide the “leftover” calculation anywhere, which is a real disappointment for me too.

The nearest thing I have found is mentally subtracting the ‘Spending” and “Committed Spending” total shown in Budgets from the Everyday total, For me I also subtract the ‘left of” total in the Budget to check my budgets plus bills in committed spending won’t take me into the red.

I agree this is not nearly as helpful as the simple ‘Leftover’ calculation in Money Dashboard. It does seem like a big gap.

Hi guys,

we don’t have the same clone feature, but many of the elements are packaged in a similar way.

  1. Everyday feature - this is total of available cash minus any credit card balance.
  2. Left from budget = total budget - actual spending - committed spending
  3. True balance = your available - any committed spending on the account

Some MD customers have asked for a clone of forecast, but the way the budgeting works in Emma is that it can be set on the day you get paid, so it can be quite easily replicated.

The main difference with the budgeting is that we use total budget instead of sum of all balances. We have debated this for quite a bit and total budget is the best way for us.

We will introduce some form of forecasting, but it will be simple and automated: one or two numbers to indicate what we think your spend will be next month, for example.

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