Kroo bank integration

Hi, Kroo bank has really taken off due to Martin Lewis promoting the fact they have the best current account savings available at the moment, they are FSCS protected.

Please could you integrate the bank onto the app?


Have you tried it? Do you have any feedback?

Yes I have tried it, they have won awards already as a newcomer. I think you will find more and more people use Kroo.

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Please can we get an integration with Kroo, really good app. Great interest rate. Certainly the new challenger bank to take on the likes of Starling and Monzo and will take off very quickly I reckon

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Oh and btw, just found their developer resources / open banking info to help you out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hey @edoardomoreni, I’ve tried them (yes, I know, I’ve tried practically every bank)!

They do have a pretty slick app and the interest is very nice. They are also a Visa Debit fintech that are a fully FSCS-protected bank, which is pretty rare and another good reason to have an account with them as far as I’m concerned. They aren’t completely new, as they initially started out under the name B-Social (and I had an account with them even then) but I think that hopefully means their underlying technology is now well established.

Please consider integrating support them into Emma.

Just tried and bank transfers worked ok. Waiting to see what happens with that 3%+ interest on current account.

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FYI in my view their customer services is extremely slow and when they do respond in my case it’s been automated. Don’t feel very safe with them.

I guess it’s because they got a ton of customers in the last few weeks? It might change

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Yes, possibly.

Hopefully they are scaling up now that they’ve become more popular and have secured a banking licence.


After using them for a few weeks now - everything seems fine and the interest is being paid monthly as promised.

Best AER on standard current account around.

Faster transfers are, like Revolut/Starling, instant.

Would be glad if there was an integration with them!



That’s great to know thanks Virgile! More banking integrations are in the pipeline so keep an eye out for those!


They’ve been working well for me too, although I’m a longtime customer and not a recent sign-up. I’ve used them since they were called B-Social many years ago!