iPad version for pro

When will a tablet version be available? Standard iPhone version is fine for day to day And in the run but for planning your budget a larger format is required. Yes the iPhone works on my iPad but it’s not designed for it and is a big compromise. Your competitors e.g Moneydashboard offer it. Or failing that a web version

At this point, we are fully focused on mobile.

We want to build a web version, but I don’t have an exact date yet. :cry:

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You need to do this ASAP please. I bought a subscription through the very (too) efficient sign-up process only to discover the only UI is a mobile App version. For a tool like this there HAS to be a larger screen version for proper management. Tablet (at least) if not desktop as well. Think about people with poor eye-sight and need a larger screen. Considering now asking for a refund and trying something else.