Inspiring Quotes

After a few months on Emma now I’ve noticed the quotes cupboard for the bottom of the feed seems a little bare. I know lockdowns are in place around the world (that comment is going to date), but I’m sure Old Mother Hubbard can justify a trip to the shops to stock up.

Here’s a topic to add famous quotes for the developers consideration and/or all of our amusement.

Keep it clean and appropriate out there!

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Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin.

Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones - Benjamin Franklin

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work - Thomas A. Edison

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Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value - Joe Biden

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway - John Wayne

Love this, we can add them all. :wink:

Love these. Also, this reference I thoroughly enjoyed - we don’t hear enough about old Mother Hubbard :point_down: