Improve this chart

Can we have an option to not smooth the balance chart? At the moment it’s useless and a waste of screen space, I’d like to see more accuracy. Don’t understand why it needs to be a curve.


Hey @Johnpigg :metal:

We curved it because we wanted to show trends and to make it more digestible to less hard-core budgeters. Spiky graphs, stock market graphs can sometimes be a little intimidating.


I’d have thought most of your users ARE hardcore budgeters, surely that’s the point? Anyway, my suggestion was for a toggle to turn it from accurate to a trend chart. Personally I think this is the least useful part of the app, and actually if it was removed, the extra screen space would be far more useful…


I would guess 10% is hardcore. :wink:


I have to agree that the charts currently are a huge waste of space. They take up a lot of real estate with no customizable options i.e allowing users to show, tick and display more usable graphical content in the charts.

In short a huge chart with a basic line scheme

I do suggest adding customisation.


+1. It takes up a huge amount of screen space, forcing me to scroll to see my accounts, without adding any benefit.


+1. I like the chart on the top, I don’t mind the space it’s taking. But I do want to be able to choose between trend and accuracy


+1. Again…

+1 for this. The option would be nice at least.


I don’t dislike the charts but sometimes I feel like they are missing something.

Like, a bit frustrating the max comparison just goes back to 1Y; When actually comparing the trends year on year would be way more useful… I would like to see how am I ramping up to get to the same period as last year but saving/spending more money than before. Now, that’s an insight.