Histogram in second level of Analytics

This would be quite nice!

The main change here is that when you press on the bar, you can see the selected month’s transaction, so everything becomes easier and faster! :slight_smile:


Those are bar charts, not histograms

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There is still a major bug in the new visualisation. The average line is not floating at the right value and floats below the tops of the bars even though the value for that month is less than the average. Very very misleading and should be withdrawn until this is fixed. In one of my categories all months are above the average line which is a nonsense

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Great feature!

Just one niggle so far…

When you change a category and go back, it takes you to the current month, not the month you were looking at.

I spotted a few miscategorised transactions next to each other in the same month, and ended up having to find them again one by one.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Any chance you can share a screenshot here or in the live chat? :slight_smile:

Screen shot has been sent to chat support on Saturday but i have not had a responce from them. As always the problem with chat is it is one big chat and the agents do not look back and only deal with the last entry.
I posted on the Monday about the still not fixed automatic sync initiated by Emma (which was responded to on Monday) sorry off subject. Posted the same screen shot

Hope this shows the average spend glitch. This is a standing order. It is £165 EVERY month. The average spend says £165 but the line is underneath making it look like I have over spent every month. This is what it is like on most if not all my analytics “histograms”. So not a useful feature whilst incorrect…but when fixed will be good to see at a glance.

Thanks for this, we can defo correct.

Hey Warren

There’s only one agent on chat and that’s me :wave:

Sorry for not getting back to you on this. As you can imagine, it’s a challenge to juggle between the outstanding issues and new issues.

If you find I’m not getting back to you on a certain issue, can you just jog my memory when you message in chat? I’ll work on better collating them and working through them methodically

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Can I suggest learning what a histogram actually is first?

Beggars belief you could get this so wrong.

Why try to use a “fancy” word if you don’t even know the meaning of it? Come on, this is literally GCSE maths. And you want us to trust you with our finances?!

Hopefully they’ll develop this into a real, good old histogram very soon!

Or just use the correct terminology understood by everyone instead of a trying-to-be-clever epic fail :woman_shrugging:

No one cares my friend. :slight_smile:

Trust me, lots of people do.

In finance as in software development, attention to detail can mean the difference between success and ruin. This was in part what switched me (and others I’ve spoken to) to Yolt.

There are so many factors that will decide if we are going to be successful and trust me calling something a histogram is not one of them.

The other fundamental bit when it comes down to Yolt is that our audience is 18-35. We address completely different people with different needs. It’s like Tik Tok talking to Facebook.

Hang on, I didn’t realise you work for Emma. Is that right. To be clear, you’re speaking in an official capacity and you’re telling a customer “no one cares” and you’re going to keep the error? What exactly is the harm in a brief mea culpa and fixing it?

I’m not just talking about you as a company, I’m taking about the well documented facts that being lackadaisical about precision and accuracy can have dire consequences?

I’m not sure I understand your point about Yolt. Just because you target different demographics doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of overlap. This sort of attitude is a deal breaker for some of them. Fwiw, I fall squarely within people whose needs you address.