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My husband and I have just started using Emma to manage our household finances. Quick question - if I subscribe to Emma Pro will the same benefits then apply to my husband’s app, as we have a linked household account on Apple?


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This was discussed here:

Hopefully this helps.


I would want the pro features to be available to two people (me and my husband). Unfortunately, logging in with the same number wouldn’t work as I have my own current account, as does the other half, and we’d want to keep these separate.

I’m keen to use Emma Pro but £120 per year per household seems a little on the steep side…

I think family “bolt-ons” would be a great idea. Maybe pricing for account+1, account+2, then the main account holder adds the extra email addresses. If you could share read-only access to certain accounts too, that would be pretty cool

That is a pretty good idea actually - I’ll share it with the team and see what they think :raised_hands:

It probably doesn’t need to be said again but this is a really half-assed way of doing multiple/household accounts and not great practice. Hopefully fixed before you ever get a security audit.

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Going to close this thread now, but we can continue the convo on this thread just posted by Edoardo! :arrow_down: