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Just seen the email and pop-up message regarding Clear Bank…bummer :disappointed: Appreciate the goodwill gesture of course.
Is there an update on any interest rates with Santander International for any new Easy Access Pot?
Thanks :pray:t3::+1:t2:

Yes, we’ll know more next week.

Our partner is working to add 2-3 more banks to their panel which we can plug in next month.

There might also be a chance ClearBank is back in the next few weeks. They need to resolve some bureaucracy.

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Any updates on this at all?

I’m missing having my savings in Emma, even though I’m in the market leading 3.55% Chip!

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We don’t have an update yet unfortunately.

We are currently waiting to hear from the bank we had to remove (the same as Chip) and our partner is looking for a few more custodian banks to add. It will get better, we just need to wait a few more weeks.

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I have some news!

We might be able to launch with a new bank in the short term. The interest rate would be 3.40%.


Love to hear it :raised_hands:t3::crossed_fingers:t3:

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Thank you ahah

Breakin news: the rate is going up to 3%. :slight_smile:

We just need to send a communication out.

We have just introduced a new Santander product that is able to offer up to 3.04% AER.

Existing customers will need to withdraw and deposit in the new product.

Anyone else can just open a new Easy Access Pot.

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Would there be a way to produce a bills pot which takes recurring card payments? Even with the functionality to round up and move to the savings product? :joy::sweat_smile:

Yes, this is not difficult to build.

We have put it on pause cause at the moment the “best” way to build this is by setting up a direct debit on your current account and take the money from there every week or so.

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There is some progress made by Open Banking - it will allow us to make variable recurring payments, but it’s still early days.

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exciting news!! :tada:

These are all our new rates:

Free - 1.51%
Plus - 1.91%
Pro - 2.78%
Ultimate - 3.04%

These are AER values.