Direct debit dates for credit cards

Is it possible to put the date (and amount?) of the next direct debit payment due to a credit card account on the list of accounts? If that’s not possible, then the next payment due date and statement balance/amount due would be useful.

Thanks for your feature request!

We should already have this in the list of subscriptions. Do you mean you want to have it under your balance in the Account View? Right after you click on an account. :slight_smile:

I was thinking have the DD dates and amounts in the account list.

I see the subscription list has the dates, but the amounts don’t bear any relationship with the actual amounts on the statements.

Yes, we don’t have that information.

We know that amounts are mostly “broken”, but this doesn’t affect any other place in the app.

However, we have plans to add the upcoming bills in the account view, just like you said; so you can click on an account and see what it’s coming next. :wink:

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