Custom Categories & Ending Pro

Quick question: If pro isn’t renewed, what happens to custom categories?

Do they remain to be used but new ones cannot be created?

Do they get removed and if yes, what happens to the transactions in those categories, re-categorised?


Everything disappears and falls back to default.

Ok, shame but I understand. You lose you snooze :grin:

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It’s a subscription. :wink:

I get it, don’t worry. Just worth asking just in case.

Do you delete the data pertaining to Pro also? E.g. if someone came back would you re-instate their existing custom categories?

Also, do you re-categorise the transactions that were in custom categories back into the standard ones?

We don’t delete anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

We save them separately.

Sorry if I’m being slow, but to be sure, if I categorise something now as CustomCateogry1 it will still show in that category when viewing that transaction if I no longer has pro?

If you unsubscribe, everything will go back to default.

If you subscribe back, you will see it again where it was. :slight_smile: