Budgeting with Emma?

Thanks for the feedback! My question to you would be what if your budgets don’t work this way?

For example, I have a total budget but only set a category budget for groceries. If I go over my groceries budget, what would happen?

In that case I don’t think it’s proper budgeting unless it’s budget to zero (across all categories). You’d ideally be forced to budget all funds (excess money goes to a savings category). That way if you overspend on your groceries category you need to reallocate from savings (or entertainment, or shopping) to make up the difference.

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Hi Joel I would reallocate the money and I can do that in Emma I just can’t see the total I’ve budgeted for when doing this and whether this is equal to my income. It all boils down to not being able to see the total budget amount go up or down correctly as you change category amounts.

I think herein lies the issue. There are a variety of ways to manage your money/budget and the challenge is to try to accommodate as many as possible.

We’ve recently made a change which you can either now see on your end or will be able to shortly where we’ve included the total of your budget categories just underneath the total budget when you go to the Analytics tab > Budgets.

This allows you to easily match your combined total with your total budget while maintaining flexibility for those who want their total budget to be independent