Apple Cashback T&Cs

Can I just check that;

  1. The Apple Cashback T&Cs that are in the app are up to date?

  2. The screenshot below taken from the Emma app just now, constitutes the T&Cs of using this cashback link?

Thank you!

Hey Jase!

As far as I’m aware these T&Cs are up to date - they message us every time a new product is eligible. Is there a reason that you’re asking? :blush:

Just wanted to check before I purchase something not on the list ha ha.

Ah okay - what were you thinking of getting? I can triple check for you :blush:

A couple of the new iMac 24” M1s

If you can check please, I’d appreciate it.

Ahh these won’t be included because they’re a brand new product! Sorry :worried:

Good job I checked otherwise Emma could have been on the line for this. It’s why I asked what constitutes the T&Cs of cashback. If I have had purchased this and didn’t get cashback, I would have gone to town chasing for this given I would be within the states T&Cs.

It may be wise to add a caveat such as “any product released within the last 6 months” or similar otherwise you could have a few unhappy people.