✅ Amazon Cards/ New Day Integration

The opening post says Newday integration is in development. I suspect that would encompass Aqua, which is one of Newday’s cards.




Yes, of course.


I’ve just seen in the Yolt app Amazon NewDay UK credit cards readded since March, when will it be readded for Emma? Thanks :slight_smile:

I hope next week or the following. @antonio has got an amazon card to test. @Andy can you believe that? :wink:

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Hahaha funnily enough I also have an Amazon card. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned :crazy_face:


lol :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Hello, I know there is work in progress for new day cards integration. But is there an eta?

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Heyyy @WrS

We’re just waiting on New Day for the finishing touches to the connection :crossed_fingers:


Well, tomorrow is always a New Day :man_shrugging:

Sorry :rofl:


I think you should launch @rebekah!

The only problem is that app-to-app authentication isn’t working properly, so you have to use the “offload app” feature in iOS storage settings to force it to redirect to the browser-based authentication flow. Once this is done, you simply click on the app icon and it re-downloads without the need to register the app again. It’s easy and would be fine for a test or beta launch. Please consider it, like MDB have done!

All the best to the Emma team and sorry for being a bit obsessive - but I want my transaction history in Emma!

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Yolt have also now implemented NewDay cards with the same workaround needed to add them successfully. It works fine so please add them Emma!

For transparency on NewDay: there has been a problem with our enrolment into their platform due to a bug in their code… so we have been able to register, but our account doesn’t have the permission to do anything.

I’ve emailed their OB team in July asking them to fix it and they said they would make amends to our registration and let us know when they’ve done it.

Never heard back since then. I’ve followed up a few times in August and they never replied, besides an automated message that says “thank you for your query. We aim to respond in 1 working day”. :unamused:

I have an Amazon card too and can’t wait to connect it to Emma!

PS. Thanks @Seb for letting us know about the other issue, we weren’t even aware of it.


Interesting to hear about that @antonio, I appreciate the transparency. Hopefully they sort out the permissions problem soon.

The other issue is annoying but not a breaking problem as you can still make it work, so probably not a blocker to launch.

Is there anything we can do as customers of NewDay to add some pressure?
I’d love this to move forward.

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Snoop has a work round where you log in through the website, through Snoop app and it links the New Day (Amazon) Credit card.

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Still broken after trying it with Snoop. Seems not to stay connected either.

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Any luck with New Day or still lingering?

They are not replying. We have informed Open Banking and FCA.


Is there a way for us, as end users to make a complain to the same entities (Open Banking and FCA)?
With reasonable amount of complaints it may be easier to push them.

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We have NewDay ready to test (Help us test NewDay!).

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