Add energy & utilities (Octopus Energy)

It would be supper great to add utilise such as Octopus Energy to my accounts, so i can see my pending balance

As Emma is taking over all my financial bank, saving, pension, the only thing left out is the utilities such as gas :fuelpump: and electricity :zap:


Onedox did this, but ultimately folded. There’s no Truelayer or Saltedge equivalent for utilities, so Emma would have to screen scrape the accounts, which takes a lot of work - particularly given the large number of providers.

So, I think it’s unlikely Emma will ever do this.

Onedox story is a bit different (in my opinion)
Emma is just adding another feature to their portfolio, compared to others made it as their mainstream revenue.
it shouldn’t be very difficult using API available with a provider such as Octopus to add it into Emma -
or at least i like to be optimistic :wink:

I think Yodlee does it.

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